Anti-Reflex White 2



Tikkurila Anti-Reflex White 2 is a white, anti-reflex, waterborne, high quality, deep matt latex paint for interior ceilings. Thanks to unique composition of titan compound and function fillers paint eliminate the light reflex which gives the feeling of the uneven surface. Paint is designed for decorative-protective painting of interior ceilings inside residential, office and public use buildings, in schools and health care premises (hospitals, schools, kinder-gardens), workhouses and production plants and also food industry without direct contact with food*. It emits neutral smell during application and drying. It creates uniform deep matt surface which is resistant to delicate washing.

Product Features 
MATT XTREME TECHNOLOGY - Anti-reflex properties optically eliminate the surface imperfections. - Uniform deep matt surface irrespective of light dropping angle. - Deep matt finish – gloss grade [2]. VERY GOOD HIDING POWER - Only one coat of paint is sufficient – repainting white or off-white ceilings* PERFECT FINAL EFFECT - No streaks and stripes on the surface. - The effect of smooth surface thanks to very good spreading of paint. - The possibility to make correction on the ceilings during application thanks to longer open time. ECOLOGICAL RECIPE - Low VOC content, below the required norm. - Neutral smell during painting. EASY APPLICATION - Non-dripping/splashing formula. * providing that existing surface have no stains or discolourations, etc..

Recommended Uses
Paint Tikkurila Anti-Reflex White 2 is design for painting of ceilings in interior buildings. It can be used for painting of previously painted surfaces with dispersion paints. It is good for painting putty surfaces, plaster, fireboard, chipboard and plaster facing and fibreglass wall papers and this type of materials. Products is good also for decorative painting of concrete. It is ideal choice for: living rooms, kids rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hotels, hallways and in offices and public areas. It is recommended for painting of large area and large lighting ceilings, creates fully matt and anti-reflex small-grained surface.

Technical Data

Gloss Grade Matt
Coverage To 10 m2/l, per one coat. The coverage depends a lot on factors such as absorbability, substrate texture, application method and colour.
Can Sizes

3,0L 10L



Mixing Ratio Water Max 5%

Product data sheet and Safety data sheet

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet