Colour Type

Traditional Empire is a paint for wooden furniture in interior spaces. Empire is easy to apply and levels well. When smooth, it forms a beautiful semi-matt surface.

Product Features 
For interior use. Empire levels well and ensures a smooth finish. Empire is ideal for brush application.

Recommended Uses
Free-standing interior furniture. Wood, chipboard, fibreboard and hardboard surfaces according to instructions.

Technical Data

Base Paints A and C
Colour Range Tikkurila Symphony 2436 colour card.


Gloss Grade Semi-matt
Coverage 10-12 m2/l.
Can Sizes Base paints: 0,225 l, 0,9 l, 2,7 l, 9 l
Empire Black: 1 l, 1/3 l



White Spirit 1050 and Spray Thinner 1032

Storage Unaffected by cold storage or transportation. Badly closed or short cans endure badly long-time storage.

Product data sheet and Safety data sheet

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet