Everal Aqua Semi Matt 40


Colour Type

Newest generation, universal, waterborne, semi-matt acrylic enamel, with high durability.

Product Features 
High durability of painted surface:

- variable weather conditions and UV rays
- mechanical damage
- high temperature - enamel recommended, among others for radiators
- for washing, detergents, scratches

Attractive final effect:
- anti-yellowing surface
- stable gloss grade over time
- very good covering power
- wide range of over 13 000 colors 

Care for health and environment:
- recommendation of Polish Society of Allergy
- neutral smell during application

Time saving and comfort of use:
- quick drying time
- very good spreading and adhesion to the substrate
- the product does not drip and does not splash


Recommended Uses
The product is designed for painting interior and exterior wood, chipboard and previously primed metal surfaces, as well as to the surface: steel, galvanized steel, acid-resistant steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, glass, ceramic tiles - after the preparation of the surface. Enamel can also be used for renovation painting of surfaces previously painted with alkyd paints or chemically harden. For the painting of furniture, doors, windows, garden furniture, baseboards, radiators, etc.

Not recommended for painting of metal roofs and facades.

Technical Data

Base Paints A and C
Colour Range Tikkurila Symphony Colour Card, NCS and RAL. Information about the colors for exterior use is available in the tinting system
Gloss Grade Semi Matt
Coverage Up to 14 m2/l per one coat. Actual coverage depend on many factors, such as surface texture, porosity and moisture content of the surface. 
Can Sizes

0.45 l; 0.9 l; 2.7 l; 9l



Storage Storage and transport in tightly closed containers in temperature +5°C – +25°C in dry and ventilated areas. Protect from frost. Product not classified as a dangerous under ADR/RID regulations.

Product data sheet and Safety data sheet

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet