Akrostop Sealing Paint


Can Size

Waterborne acrylate sealing paint. Prevents bleeding caused by nicotine, soot, liquid drawing ink and hides dried moisture damaged spots.

Product Features 
Single pack waterbased stain blocker suitable for use on both new and previously painted concrete, plaster, brick, putty, fibreboard, plasterboard, wood, panel and log surfaces. Akrostop is not suitable for use on iron or steel surfaces. Akrostop will not prevent the seepage of resin.

Do not mix the product with other products.

Recommended Uses

Interior walls and ceilings


Technical Data

Colour Range Tinted White
Gloss Grade Full-matt
Coverage 6-8 m2/l depending on the substrate.
Can Sizes

1, 3 and 10 L



Storage Protect from frost. 

Product data sheet and Safety data sheet

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet