Axus Decor Dec Patch


Pack Size
Soft White
Filler for cracks, chases and holes up to 2cm deep. Also a finishing filler for smoothing before painting.  Does not flash or remain noticeable when overcoated with two coats of most good quality emulsions.

Bonds and holds exceptionally well onto most substrates including old paintwork.  

Easy To Sand.  Contains marble dust for a very fine, durable finish with minimal shrinkage.

Adheres To: Plaster, plasterboard, old painted surfaces, other fillers, cement, concrete, aerated concrete & more.

Apply with a filling knife or broad knife.

Sets in: 50 to 70 mins and can be re-coated in 6 hours for every 1cm thickness as a general guideline, but this varies depending on ambient conditions & the nature of the substrate.