Rostex Super Metal Primer



Quick-drying anti-corrosion primer. Rostex Super Metal Primer does not contain lead or chromate pigments. 

Product Features

Rostex Super Metal Primer is suitable for priming of steel, zinc-coated steel or roughened aluminum surfaces subject to heavier stress than usual and where the adhesion of normal alkyd primers are not sufficient enough or their drying time is too long.

Suitable also for copper, brass and stainless steel surfaces as well as steel sheet coated with Pural, Polyester, Acrylic and outworn PVC-coatings. Can be used as a primer for alkyd paints (Miranol, Unica, Panssarimaali) as well as for waterborne paints (e.g. Panssari Akva).

Only for professional use.

Recommended Uses 

Sheet metal roofs, gutters, down pipes, cinder sheets, fire escapes, railings, flagpoles, drying racks, boats, and other steel constructions.

Technical Data

Colour Range Light grey, iron oxide red, green, black.
Gloss Grade Matt
Coverage Approx. 10  m2/l [40 µm(micrometer) dry film]
Can Sizes

1/3 l, 1 l, 3 l, 10 l.



Product data sheet and Safety data sheet

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet