Luja 20


Colour Type

Special acrylate paint. Contains anti-mould agent that protects the paint film.

Product Features 
High performance scrub resistant acrylic eggshell with mould and anti microbial inhibitors.

Interior painting of concrete, plaster, filler treated, brick, cardboard, chipboard and wood fibre board surfaces. Suitable for both new and previously painted surfaces.

Recommended Uses
Interior walls and ceilings in premises in which high wash and wear resistance is required such as lobbies, staircases, hospital corridors, patient rooms and other surfaces which are subject to higher than normal stress. The product has an approval for indirect contact in food industry (Finnish Food Act 23/2006).

Technical Data

Base Paints A and C
Colour Range Tikkurila Symphony Colour Card


Gloss Grade Semi-matt
Coverage Approx. 5 - 8 m2/l.
Can Sizes Base paint A: 0,9L, 2,7L, 9L, 18L.
Base paint C: 0,9L, 2,7L, 9L.




Storage Protect from frost. 

Product data sheet and Safety data sheet

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 

MED Certificate