Step out of your colour comfort zone.

There is an increasing interest in colours that are bold and saturated but how do you incorporate them into your home?

Here are some handy tips from Benjamin Moore Paints!

Observe the lighting

Light is a vital part of the paint selection process, and even the direction it comes from can change how it looks in a room.

Used in large, well-lit spaces, deeper hues increase the cosiness. While in small spaces with little or no light, they can blur the edges of the room and can give an illusion of more space.

Choose the right paint finish

Add drama into your space with paint finishes like semi-gloss or high-gloss for dark glamour. Alternatively, choosing an eggshell finish for darker hues creates a beautiful mid sheen finish while being more forgiving on imperfections.

Choose dark furniture

Minimise contrast by choosing heavier furniture pieces in dark hues for seamless sophistication. Include different textures and shades in the space, to keep it from looking one-dimensional.

Bring in textures

Marble, granite and slate effortlessly infuse nature’s decadence into gothic inspired interiors. Warm granite worktops coupled with leafy green plants against a dark backdrop can bring a sense of elegance to your space.

Add accents

Accent your space with antique copper, brass and gold for a decadent look or simply add a pop of colour with cushions for some character in your space.

Images: Benjamin Moore Paints
Pic 1: Soot 2129-20
Pic 2: Wenge AF-180
Pic 3: Newburyport Blue HC-155
Pic 4: Ebony Slate 2118-30
Pic 5: Beau Green 2054-20, Hale Navy HC-154