When choosing a paint finish it is important to think practically as well as from a design perspective.

For example in high traffic areas such as the hallway, or perhaps in a room with pets and children, a flat finish might look fantastic but it will not hold up well to daily living.  In this case, an eggshell or satin finish would be better suited due to its durability and scrub rating. 
Here are a few more top tips when choosing a sheen level:
Matt or Gloss
Essentially the higher the sheen level, the easier it is to keep clean.  However, gloss is harder to touch up.  Matt hides a multitude of imperfections, but it is much harder to clean up any scuffs and dirt.  These finishes are of course at opposite ends of the spectrum and there are many levels in between.  If you would prefer to see and feel the finish before committing to a particular style, you can check out all the sheen levels on our sample boards in store.  
High Gloss
When painting surfaces that aren’t perfect, don’t opt for a high gloss finish.  The glossiness will only accentuate the problems on the surface.  Light reflecting off the shiny paint will highlight every defect. So if you are set on a high shine effect, make sure you carefully prepare the surface and it is perfectly smooth.
Matt Finish
If you have a less than perfect surface, matt paint is most definitely your friend.  Not only does it hide a multitude of imperfections but it will create a soft and classic look to a room that will be rich in colour.
Mixing your sheens
Don’t just experiment with colour, you can also experiment with paint sheens.  Mixing and matching sheens can add a little personality to a room.
Try a high-sheen trim with a flat wall colour for a modern look.  Because of the way the high-gloss finish changes the depth of a colour, it may almost look like a different colour altogether next to a matt finish paint of the same hue. And not only is it a sleek, modern look, this creates an optical illusion that makes walls appear taller.
Use a high sheen on the ceiling to brighten things up. The reflective quality of the high-sheen paint will bounce light around to brighten up a room.
Using the wrong sheen
If you are painting with different sheens of the same colour, for example a wall and woodwork, be sure to label both cans.  It is really easy to get the two mixed up, and you won’t realise your mistake until the paint dries.  There’s nothing worse than touching up flat matt walls with semi-gloss paint!