The term ‘sheen level’ simply refers to the glossiness of a paint finish. 

Gloss level is scaled from 0, the lowest gloss level (meaning a perfectly matt surface) to 100, the highest gloss level (corresponding to a highly glossy surface).

The same colour can appear completely different depending on the level of gloss, or sheen, in the paint.

The following sheen levels are available across the Tikkurila paint range.

(Top tip: the numbers noted at the end of our product names (e.g. Optiva5) are a reference to this numerical scale. The higher the number, the higher the sheen.)

Full Matt (0-4%)

Full Matt (or flat matt) paints are completely non-reflective, with very low gloss levels ranging from 0% to 4%. Flat matt paints absorb any light directed at them, giving them excellent hiding power. As a result, these paints are ideal for damaged or used walls with lots of bumps and scratches. They’re also a popular choice for ceilings where an anti-reflective approach improves the room’s optics. Anti-Reflex is our customer favourite in this category.

Matt (5-10%)

Matt paints continue to be the most popular choice for interior walls in 2022. They have a very low gloss level ranging from 5% to 10%, resulting in a non-reflective finish with no gloss or shine but slightly more depth than a flat matt. One of the primary advantages of matt paints is their ability to conceal flaws while leaving a soft, velvet-like finish that allows for a strong depth of colour. If you’re looking for hard-wearing coverage – matt is the finish for you! (Available for both walls and woodwork).

Semi-Matt (11-35%)

Semi-Matt paints are the next step along the scale. They have a slightly higher gloss grade than Matt paints (11-35%), resulting in a smooth finish with a subtle sheen. This results in a low lustre finish that not only optimises a paint’s colour but also increases its durability and suitability for use in any room of the house and on a variety of surface conditions. Top tip: Semi Matt paints are also termed Eggshell paints.

Semi-Gloss (35-60%)

Semi-Gloss paints have gloss levels of between 35-60%, and leave a highly durable finish that can be repeatedly scrubbed. A great choice for surfaces where moisture and grease stains are likely (such as the bathroom or kitchen) or where the surface will be cleaned frequently (children’s rooms and hallways are good examples). This gloss grade is also popular for interior trim details (such as staircase railings or skirting boards), as the lustre draws attention to those details and distinguishes them from the walls.

Gloss (61-80%)

Gloss paints are for those seeking a high-shine finish. These paints are tough, long-lasting, and easy to clean, making them ideal for woodwork, doors, and trim details. Tikkurila has pioneered the development of water-based, low VOC solutions in this gloss grade category (which was previously very solvent-based), while ensuring the same hard-wearing, non-yellowing properties.

Full Gloss (80%+)

The real show-stopper of the group, high gloss paints really make a statement. These extremely hard-wearing paints, with a mirror-like appearance (and a gloss grade of more than 80%), are a popular choice for areas exposed to dirt and oil, typically doors and cabinets. The most popular product from this collection is  Miranol.