Paint is paint, right?


There is a big difference between what we will call ‘retail paint’ compared to ‘trade paint’, and here’s why.

Retail Paint

Retail paint is aimed at the DIY customer and made from cheaper and lower quality materials.  A benefit to this of course is the cost.  Yes, you will initially save money by buying an off the shelf tin of paint from your local high street DIY store, but there are drawbacks.

You won’t achieve the same quality of finish, nor will you get the same level of coverage.  More coats mean more paint resulting in little or no savings at all.  You buy twice as many tins of paint and spend twice as long applying it.

Trade Paint

Trade paint is quite simply a premium product.

The ingredients used to make trade paint are of a higher standard and used in much larger quantities.  The quality ingredients used in trade paint are key to giving the paint a smoother, more even finish with a much richer colour tone, not to mention providing a more durable finish.

 It goes further

Trade paint will cover much more quickly and easily, and often require just one or two coats – saving you time and money right from the start of any project.

It’s more durable

Retail paint is less durable and fades faster, which makes it more likely you’ll need to repaint again sooner. Trade paint, on the other hand, offers a durable finish that better withstands daily wear and tear.

It gives a better finish

Designed to provide a thick even coverage, trade paint offers a finish that is just not possible with cheap paint.

You get a richer colour

Due to the quantity and quality of colour pigment used in trade paint, a much higher opacity level is achieved.  This provides the ability to not only hide the colour underneath quicker, but also provide a much richer colour in fewer coats.

It lasts longer

It won’t just last longer, it will retain its good as new look for longer too, meaning much better value in the long run.

Our paint brands

All our paint brands in store, Tikkurila, Benjamin Moore, and Caparol, are of a trade paint standard, and all come highly recommend by the not just our DIY customers, but the professionals love them too.  Once you go trade, you won’t look back!