Beeline Primer Sealer 2.5kg

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Beeline Primer Sealer 2.5kg

Beeline Primer Sealer is a specially formulated product that promotes adhesion to many difficult surfaces. Promotes the adhesion of wall coverings and emulsion paints. Reduces seam splits, raised edges and bubbling of wall coverings. It Seals absorbent materials and provides a key for non-absorbent materials like gloss paint, glass and metals.

Surface Preparation

Walls should be sound, dry, clean and free from damp, dust and grease or any contamination that might effect adhesion. Allow new plaster to dry out completely. Metal surfaces should be treated to prevent corrosion.


Beeline primer sealer should be diluted with water dependant on the surface being primed. Stir before use and apply one coat only by brush and allow to dry before adhesion application. It is recommended to check that a good bond has been achieved between primer sealer and the surface before commencing hanging. 2 or 3 drops only should be hung and allowed to dry prior to completion to make sure that a satisfactory bond is being achieved.

Dilution Rate

Absorbent surfaces: 1 part primer sealer to 3 parts water.

Non-absorbent Surfaces: 1 part primer sealer to 1 part water.

Coverage 1:3 approximately 12 sq metres / kg. 1:1 approximately 16 sq metres / kg. Cleaning and Storage

Tools and equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Do not use at a temperature below 10°C (50°F). Protect from frost.


Beeline primer sealer contains fungicide and should be kept away from children & animals.


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