Arroworthy Barracuda Microfiber Mini Roller Sleeves (2 Pack) Jumbo Cage

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Product Information

Arroworthy Jumbo Cage Microfiber 4″ Roller Sleeves are part of the Mighty Mini range and are to be used with the Barracuda Mini Roller Jumbo Cage Frame. The premium roller sleeves can be used for both interior & exterior jobs and has a solvent resistant core.

The microfiber professional roller sleeves give maximum pickup and allow for high capacity paint pickup. Can be used on semi-smooth to semi-rough surfaces which leave an extremely smooth finish.

These high quality roller covers are made from a unique mix of non-shedding European woven fabric which give you unrivalled results.

Available in 9⁄16″ & 3⁄8″ Nap sizes


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