Coral Maverick Headlock 9″ Roller Cartridges (2 PC)

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Product Information

Are you looking for 9 x 1.75" HEADLOCK Pro spare replacement cartridges? Would prefer roller covers to lock onto the cleaner during use? Would you prefer quick mess free cover release?

This is a twin pack of Maverick HEADLOCK PRO replacement cartridges. The cartridges locks roller covers onto compatible paint roller frames and / or paint roller spin cleaners.

Expect fast roller cover changes when used with the Maverick 510 Roller Frame (sold separately) and / or ready more covers for use with the Maverick 512 Paint Roller Spin Cleaner (sold separately).

The HEADLOCK PRO system is a professional suite of products which include the Maverick 510 Paint Roller Frame and the Maverick 512 Drill-Powered Paint Roller Spin Cleaner (sold separately)

Say goodbye to gruelling cleaning and conquer all with a more powerful and more engaging paint roller system built on HEADLOCK PRO technology. Start building our your HEADLOCK PRO system now.


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