Coral Maverick Headlock 9″ Roller Cleaner 1.75″

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Are you looking for a 9 x 1.75" paint roller cleaner that maximises your productivity? Would prefer roller covers to lock onto the cleaner during use? Would you prefer quick mess free cover release?

This Maverick roller cleaner is the worlds-first with HEADLOCK PRO technology. A cartridge system locks roller covers in place during use and releases covers with just a pinch.

Expect rapid centrifugal spin cleaning, more productivity and reduced mess once securely attached to a drill (not included). HEADLOCK PRO is built onto a universal hex shank drill attachement.

The HEADLOCK PRO system is a professional suite of products which include the Maverick 510 Paint Roller Frame and the Maverick 512 Replacement Cartridge Pack (sold separately)

Say goodbye to gruelling cleaning and conquer all with a more powerful and more engaging paint roller system built on HEADLOCK PRO technology. Start building our your HEADLOCK PRO system now.


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