Everbuild Triple Action Wood Treatment

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Take care of all your wood treatment and preservation needs with just one solution. The Everbuild Triple Action Wood Treatment offers protection from damage caused by wet rot, dry rot, fungi and wood-boring insects. It'll do a sterling job on both interior and exterior wood, including roof beams, joists, floorboards, window frames, doors, sheds, fences and garden decks.

Micro-fine active technology ensures that the solution penetrates deep into the wood, so the treatment is a strong and long lasting choice. The fungicides, algaecides and Permethrin are evenly dispersed to kill any fungi and insects lurking around. Plus, the solvent-free solution is fast drying, so you can quickly move on to the next job. It's really easy to apply by brush, spray or dripping, and it'll work best with a minimum of two coats.

• Penetrates deep for long lasting protection

• Treats wet rot and dry rot, and fungi

• Neutralises wood boring insects

• Solvent free solution

• Low-odour formulation

• Interior and exterior wood

• Easy to apply

• Ready to use solution – no need to dilute

• Non-flammable

• Can be applied to damp timbers


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