Levelline Drywall Corner Tape 2.75 in. x 100 ft. Roll

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Product Information

LEVELLINE’s superior corner trim construction (tapered plastic core, joint tape and formulated surface paper) ensures drywall corners will not split or dent. LEVELLINE can also withstand structural settling from green lumber and seismic movement without cracking or popping off the wall. LEVELLINE is ideal for:

– Outside/Inside Drywall Corners

– Off-Angles

– Tray Ceilings

– Bay Windows

Solid tapered corner design consists of:

– Tapered, extruded copolymer core (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate or "PET" plastic)

– Joint Tape

– Formulated surface paper


Tapered Corner Design:
– Extruded plastic provides indestructible tapered core

– Uses less joint compound

– Taper means there is no joint compound in the center crease = easy to finish

– Stiff profile finishes corners with straight, precise lines

– PET plastic is 100% recyclable


Joint Tape:

– Time-tested, industry-proven material creates an absolute bond between the corner and the drywall


Formulated Surface Paper:

– Resists sanding and abrasion

– Absorbs paint and texture

– Extends past the plastic core to form a lock-down mechanism that makes edge-cracking virtually impossible


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