Nylon Strainers (5 Pack)

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Our QTech 5 HVLP Suction Nylon Strainer is ideal for fitting to the QTech 5 HVLP. This part is made from strong nylon mesh and can be washed and reused. However, it comes in a pack of five to allow for a quick replacement. This strainer allows paint to flow freely enabling a consistent flow and a great professional finish. The HVLP Suction Nylon Strainer reduces problems when using the paint spray machine. Firstly it removes undissolved pigment, dirt and dust that could block the gun and spoil the paint finish. Secondly it saves further time which could be wasted unblocking debris from the spray gun.

More about the QTech 5 HVLP:

It’s all about the detail with the clever QTech 5 Stage HVLP Turbine – Suction paint spray machine. Created with the professional decorator in mind, these compact, lightweight and portable paint sprayers makes painting details quick and easy. The QTech 5 Stage HVLP Turbine – Suction is part of an all-new range of turbines combining the cost-effectiveness of the QTech brand with the best in manufacturing from North America.This HVLP is suited to trim and fine finish spraying.


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