Axus Captain Chunk Extra Extra Long Roller Sleeve 9″ (Masonry)

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Product Information

This Captain Chunk Roller Sleeve Extra Extra Long Pile 9" has a unique foam padding for super-fast painting on masonry surfaces. The 10 mm foam padding allows us to stretch more fabric around the core, so the roller can be loaded with a huge amount of paint, for super fast painting on masonry surfaces.

It also allows you to apply more pressure where needed to help ‘work in’ to surfaces, perfect for any masonry jobs. This roller is an XXL which is an extra, extra long pile of high density fabric for getting into the roughest of surfaces, including pebble dash too.

This roller sleeve also fits onto standard roller frames, but is enhanced with a 10mm foam padding around the core, which serves two purposes.

Firstly, it increases the diameter of the core, letting us stretch more fabric around it for holding 45% more paint.

Secondly, it allows you to apply more pressure where needed to help 'work in' to uneven surfaces. The core diameter of this sleeve is 1.75" (44mm), so it should be fitted onto a matching Axus Decor or other suitably sized roller frame. Wash before first use. Only use with water-based masonry paints.


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