Osmo Polyx Hardwax Rapid

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Product Information
Quick drying version of Osmo Polyx oil to complete your project in a day.
Feature and Highlights:-
  • A professional, quick drying formulation of the popular Osmo Polyx Oil
  • Extremely water-repellent and durable
  • Excellent chemical and abrasive resistance
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Based on a blend of natural plant oils and waxes
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants when dry
  • High VOC 
Brand Osmo
No. of Coats 2
Coverage Up to 24m² per litre
Drying Time 4hrs
Size 125ml, 750ml, 2.5L, 10L

Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid is perfect for all types of wooden floors and can also be used on cork floors, terracotta and other unglazed tiles. It is also well suited for the treatment of wooden furniture surfaces.

Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid can also be tinted with colours from the Osmo Oil Stain range, up to a maximum of 10%, i.e. 250ml of Osmo Oil Stain mixed with 2.5Ltrs of Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid. Special care and attention must be taken when measuring and mixing.



Ensure that wooden surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, debris and any other contaminants prior to applying Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid.

  1. New or previously oiled work tops can be lightly sanded prior to applying rapid oil with a 120-150 grit paper
  2. To remove existing paint or varnishes, use a paint and varnish remover
  3. White spirit can also be used to remove impurities and other contaminates from the surface of the wood
  4. Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes in wood with Osmo Interior Wood FillerOsmo Interior Gap Sealer or the Osmo Repair Kit, then sand wood surfaces carefully
  5. Begin with coarse sandpaper – final sanding work for furniture P220-240
  6. Before oiling the surface, remove sanding dust with a broom or vacuum
  7. For wood tending to attract blue stain in moist surroundings (e.g. pine) pre-treat with Osmo Wood Protector 4006


Always do a small test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times. Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid is ready to use but must be stirred thoroughly prior to application. Do not thin.

Application to Wood Floors

The ideal application tool is a firm, fine, natural bristled brush, however the key to a great finish is thin application with removal of any surplus.

  1. Apply the first coat of rapid oil thinly and evenly along the wood grain with an Osmo Floor Brush – use in conjunction with the Osmo Telescopic Handle for ease of application
  2. Spread well for 10-15 minutes and wipe away any excess oil
  3. Allow to dry for approx. 4-5 hours with good ventilation
  4. Lightly de-nib the surface, then clean
  5. Repeat above steps for second coat

Application to Cork floors

Cork tiles are best treated before fitting to avoid overlapping treatment of edges which would lead to prolonged drying times. A cork floor treated with Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid will get a robust, elastic and wear-resistant surface which will harden further over 2-3 weeks. Due to the extreme absorption power of this highly elastic, natural, material we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Apply first coat very thinly with a blade or for smaller areas use a soft tip brush
  2. Polyx-Oil should immediately absorb into the surface
  3. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours
  4. Apply second coat, again very thinly
  5. Remove excess with cloth immediately
  6. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours


Regular Cleaning

For daily maintenance a duster, mop or vacuum cleaner will be sufficient. For commercial premises, an electric floor polisher can be used.

For optimal cleaning of floors treated with Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid, we recommend the Osmo Mop or Osmo Floor Maintenance Kit.

For regular cleaning, we recommend using Osmo Wash and Care (8016) or Osmo Cleaner.

Deep Cleaning

For stubborn scuffs and stains, we recommend Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 3029 or Osmo Intensive Cleaner.

Please Note: Oiled or waxed surfaces should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner or steam mop as this degrades the performance of the finish.


Renovating, even partially, is easy. Just clean and re-treat worn areas with a thin coat of Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid. No sanding is required, and no removal of a previous Polyx Oil finish. No repair marks will be visible if applied thinly and appropriately.

Osmo Maintenance Oil can also be used for maintaining and changing the gloss level of surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx Oils.


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