Osmo Wash and Care

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A concentrated cleaner manufactured for the routine upkeep of oiled and waxed surfaces, including polyx and hard wax oils. 

Feature and Highlights:-

  • A water-soluble cleaning concentrate for interior oiled or waxed floors, doors and furniture
  • Simply add water and it’s ready to use
  • Dries streak-free and does not leave a layer
  • Regular application increases surface resistance to dirt and wear
  • Contains natural oils to keep wooden surfaces nourished
  • Biodegradable and solvent-free
Coverage Up to 1000m² per litre
Drying Time 20 mins
Sizes 1L, 5L, 10L


Osmo Wash and Care floor cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning and maintaining oiled and waxed wooden flooring, however it can also be used on wooden furniture, worktops, doors, and wall and ceiling panels.


Clean surfaces with a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt, dust and debris before cleaning with Osmo Wash and Care.


Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the container at all times.

  1. For regular cleaning, mix 1 capful of Osmo Wash and Care to 1L of water
  2. Load your cleaning applicator with the cleaning solution, ringing out until damp but not soaking wet
  3. Clean with a microfibre cloth for small areas or a suitable applicator for larger areas
  4. Remove any excess cleaning solution and wipe dry
  5. For heavy stains, we recommend using Wash and Care as a non-diluted concentrate


Regular Cleaning

If floors become worn or require re-cleaning, simply clean with Osmo Wash and Care following the Preparation and Application instructions above.

Deep Cleaning

For extremely persistent stains or renovating a badly worn area, we recommend using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.



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