Q-Tech Hopper Assembly QT190

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This 6.8ltr Q Tech PO19 & QT190 Hopper Attachment attaches to the Airless Paint Sprayer where you would normally attach the Suction Tube.

This Paint Hopper kit will convert the QP019 airless sprayer from suction feed to gravity hopper feed.  Ideal for when using smaller quantities of paint for wood finishing, as all of the paint that is put into the hopper, is fed through to the pump, with little wastage.

Use with the Ultra Finish tip & our short hoses for the perfect package for wood finishing/controlled work!

The smooth inside is much easier to clean than using a normal Suction Tube with a Strainer.


  • 6.8ltrs molded Hopper that attaches to the Sprayer in place of an Inlet Suction Hose without Tools.
  • Ideal for Spraying small amounts of material.
  • Smooth inside cleans up fast.
  • No more dragging a large hose around and shorter clean down time.

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