Timbabuild Basic Starter Kit

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Timbabuild® is launching a new “basic” starter kit. The case itself is made from FSC accredited tough cardboard which is also recyclable, and is aimed at the contractor that already has a storage system in place but wants a starter kit with no frills.

This super lightweight and handy starter kit contains all of the elements required to carry out professional timber refurbishments, and neatly stores them in this compact and hard wearing recyclable cardboard box.

The starter kit is made from recyclable cardboard and has internal compartments to neatly store the items inside. The box is wholly sourced in the UK. 

Starter Kit contents: 

1 x EHB60 400ml Repair Resin

1 x ERC10 400ml Rapid Adhesive 

1 x EWS Epoxy Primer 

1 x Metal Timbabuild Extrusion Tool 

1 x Timbaglaze 290ml Hybrid Polymer Glazing Sealant / Putty Replacement 

1 x Pair of Latex Gloves 

1 x Stainless Steel Filling Knife 2"


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