Toupret Quick Fill (Lightweight & Ready Mixed)

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One coat, quick repairs on walls and ceilings.

Fast drying and provides a one coat fill with no shrinkage.  It is very easy to sand and ready to paint from 30 minutes after application. There is no need to spot prime before painting because it won't flash or grin.

– Ready to paint in 30 minutes

– Will not shrink or slump

– Easy to sand

– No need to spot prime

– Will not flash or grin

Surface Condition: Interior

Surfaces: New or renovated substrates, either unpainted or painted: gypsum plaster, plaster tiles, plasterboard, old painted surfaces, cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stones, primed wood.

Overcoating: Can be overcoated with any type of filler, paint or wall coating.

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