Wonder Wipes – Pack of 100

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Everbuild Multi-Use Antibacterial Wonder Wipes Trade Tub 100 wipes


Barcode: 5029347601522


Everbuild red wonder wipes are specially formulated for the building and allied trades tub of 100 foil sealed for transport.

Wonder Wipes have a powerfull antibacterial additive the makes them suitable for heavy cleaning of MRSA, salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli bacteria and viruses.

Wonder Wipes also easily remove oil, grease petrol and inks, cleans paints and sealants of stains.

The powerful cleaning agents are still kind to hands, they contain lanolin and vitamin E to condition skin and prevent dryness and cracking, there is no need to rinse hands after use.

Cleans wet and semi-cured paints, sealants, adhesives, bitumen, polyurethanes, expanding foams, polyester fillers and epoxies from hands, tools and surfaces.

Wonder Wipes contain a powerful antibacterial additive which has been tested by an independent laboratory to the standards for killing bacteria on dirty surfaces and hands.



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