Now this is a project we were super excited about, it is absolutely amazing!

Local artist Martin Murphy was commissioned to create a mural on a blank wall within the library at Midmill School, Kintore.  It needed to be bright and inspiring for the children, something that would make the library an exciting place to visit, and boy did he deliver!

Martin used a number of vibrant colours in Opitva 5 from our Tikkurila range of paints for this project.  Optiva 5 is not only water-based and has zero VOCs, but it is also highly durable, as let’s face it, it’s a school…

If you are interested in trying your hand at creating a wall mural at home, the process couldn’t be simpler and the budget needn’t be huge either.  This entire project was made possible by using sample pots, masking tape and of course a roller/paint brush for application.  One thing we can’t supply you with however is the creativity!

Spot any books from your childhood?