Coral Endurance Extension Pole

SKU 1001318
£11.54 inc VAT
Product Information
  • Do you need a strong and durable extension pole? Are you frustrated when locking pins on other poles shear off? Would you prefer a pole that securely locks at any position?
  • Diecast 3/4'' ACME threaded tip for most Paint Roller Frames other accessories including Dusters, Squeegees, Mops, Brooms, Gutter Cleaners, Window Cleaners. An adaptor is included for push-fit tools
  • You'll first attach your roller frame or accessory by screwing directly onto the pole or use the adaptor. You'll release the flip-lock, adjust length, and re-engage flip-lock to secure.
  • Why wait? Choose this dependable roller frame for fast and easy painting of hard to reach surfaces.

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