FibaFuse (non adhesive) 75m x 50mm

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FibaFuse® is the original paperless drywall tape that is easy to install and creates stronger joints compared to paper tape. The porous design eliminates bubbles and blisters, allowing compound to flow through the tape for a stronger bond. 


  • Multiple application options – Automatic taping or hand tools   
  • Easy to cut – designed to retain folds for us in inside corners
  • Will not blister or bubble
  • Stronger than paper tape – 24 hrs after applying a second coat of compound, FibaFuse crack strength measures 76% stronger than paper tape
  • The 500ft roll of FibaFuse is 62% lighter than an equivalent roll of paper tape
  • In USA it scores a perfect "10" on ASTM D3273 mould test

1 25m roll (50mm wide)


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